People often use skepticism as a tool to protect themselves in different ways. Unfortunately it can also get in the way of making new discoveries.

While attending a recent DS rally,  I came across Mark Campfield, the owner and designer of MOESOF Endurance Seat. Mark had his product mounted on a bike and was describing the benefits of it to another rider. At first glance I didn’t understand what I was seeing.

The MOESOF seat comes as shown and includes self adhesive Velcro strips that attach to your bikes side panels.

Is this a flotation devise? Or maybe a way to pack a couple extra beer cans with me?

Then I spent some time with Mark and got the complete details.

The MOESOF Endurance seat is a quick an easy way to augment a stock motorcycle seat into something more supportive and more comfortable, allowing you to ride further and longer.

Let’s face it, stock motorcycle seats are nothing more than a hard piece of foam between your legs. It’s like sitting on a padded saw horse. The MOESOF seat increases comfort by spreading out the load over a wider surface area which gives much better support to your hips and butt. This helps reduce fatigue. If you’ve ridden motorcycles long enough, you know that fatigue can be a dangerous distraction.

Riding= Fun

Riding longer= more fun

Riding – pain and fatigue= WAY MORE FUN!

Quick install and removal.

The seats are all hand built from super durable materials right here in WA State. Each one is carefully designed around a particular bike seat so no messing around with adjustments. In fact it takes about 2 seconds to take on and off the bike after it’s installed, and they can be easily stored away when not in use. Several models are available for common adventure / dual sport bikes.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical of this product. I really had no intention on pursuing it even after seeing the awesome build quality and hearing about the benefits. Luckily I got the chance to try one for myself and now I’m a believer. These things work. I’ve ridden with it on everything from FS roads, to insanely difficult single track, and it’s been great. Lately I’ve had trouble with sciatic nerve in my leg and riding has been a real pain. Having this seat has helped immensely. When I want to cruise in the saddle, I just slide back over the MOESOF for a way more comfortable position. Then, when I hit the rough stuff, I slide forward into an attack position and I’m back on a motocross bike. When installed 2/3 back on the seat it’s not noticeable while standing and still leaves enough room for soft luggage.

Positioning the seat 2/3 back gives you the option of either riding on or off the MOESOF seat and still leaves enough room for soft luggage.
Plenty of room for working the bike while standing
The EEP cylinders on each side help support your hips by increasing surface area (looks like I need to reduce some of my own surface area!)


So in the future I hope to balance my skepticism a bit better to avoid missing out on great things like the MOESOF Endurance Seat.

A BIG DRZRider thanks goes out to Mark Campfield and MOESOF Endurance seats for giving me the chance to test this new product.

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