Lets get some of your questions answered.

Q-Can i mount a Trail Tech Voyager, Endurance, or Vapor to a Motodash?

A-yes,yes and yes

Q-Do you guys ship to Australia?

A- Sure thing mate. Just be sure to click on the international shipping surcharge on the order form.

Q-What are the switches for?

A-One switch is to turn the charging ports on and off, so it doesn’t drain your battery. Models with two switches have an extra auxiliary switch that customers could connect other equipment to like, aux lighting, or heated grips etc.

Q- The little light on the switch doesn’t work, what’s the deal?

A- The switch light hasn’t been wired to work with the switch. I’ve found it to be annoyingly bright, and it’s been known to cause shorts in the system. However, if you want it to turn on, all you have to do is attach a ground wire to the unused pole on the back of the switch.

Q-I just received my Motodash with the digital voltage gauge/USB combo and it doesn’t have the voltage gauge?

A-The voltage gauge lights up between the two USB ports. You won’t see anything until its turned on.

Q-Can I get the MD2 with a 12v socket instead of the USB/voltage gauge?

A-Yes, the cut outs for the gauges can have any of the following installed;
12V charging port
Dual USB/Voltage gauge
USB charging port
Voltage gauge
**Prices may change do to the different costs of each. If you email us prior to ordering we can get it all worked out

Q- If I decide I don’t want this before I install it, can I send it back for a full refund?

A- Absolutely, I can’t imagine a situation like that, but I want everyone to love these products, so if you change your mind send it back with tracking info and you’ll be refunded as soon as it’s received.

Q-Are these hard to install? What hardware will I need to install it?

A-No, installation is simple and takes less than an hour. You’ll need a few tools to take your tank and seat off to run the wires, but that’s it. You won’t need any hardware or wiring, the kit comes complete with all the wiring hardware and instructions you need.

Q- Can I get an MD2.0 with extra mounting holes for my ____?

A- No, sorry but the cut patterns on the dashes are not custom order. If you have an idea for a revision to the product that you think everyone could benefit from, we’d be open to hearing about it.

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