Review of the VUZ Moto Tent

After a few cramped camping trips, my wife and I decided it’s time to add another larger tent to our choices of outdoor accommodations. So for the past few months we’ve been on the hunt for a new tent that we can take car camping with our two boxer dogs, as well as, backcountry moto camping. The tent we’re looking for must pack down small enough to fit on our bike and still be large enough to camp comfortably. After seeing lots of Redvertz tents at dualsport rallys this summer, it seemed like the motorcycle garage style tent would fit the bill perfectly.

The Redverz Atacama

This style of tent allows enough room to park your bike inside, has enough head room to stand up, and when the bike is parked outside, it offers plenty of covered living space outside the tent. Although the tent isn’t exactly small when packed (24” x 12”) it’s not too big- to carry on a bike.

  Being the frugal shopper that I am, I was a bit reluctant to throw down the $599 for the Redverz tent without doing plenty of research. As it turns out there’s another company with nearly the exact same style of tent. VUZ moto makes the 12 foot moto tent. A three person, three season tent, with a motorcycle garage. It was selling on the VUZ website for a tantalizing price of $299, then I noticed Amazon was offering it for a “TAKE MY MONEY” price of $199! So I decided to pull the trigger and find out for myself if this was my families new Taj Mahal of camping.

The package arrived in two days and we immediately took it to the back yard for a test run. It comes in a decent compression style bag that weighs in at about 14lbs. and measures 24” x 12”. After pulling it out of the bag it was obvious that this is a freakin big tent! Truth be told, I was a bit intimidated seeing how big this thing is when we laid out on the ground.

The VUZ tent fully set up.
The DRZ fit nicely in the moto garage


 In the package you get the standard tent stuff, aluminum poles (4 sets) several quality tent stakes, guy lines, and thankfully a simple set of instructions. My wife and I got to work on pitching up the new digs and after a few mistakes and about 45 minutes we had what resembled a tent. Once everything was built a couple things came to my attention;

First off, one of the seams for the tent pole loops was slightly torn.

Second – why in the heck would they make the tent stakes and guy lines green? They seem to disappear as soon as they’re in the grass and likely to be lost forever.

Third- the material and construction leave a bit to be desired. I can’t see this lasting more than a couple seasons.

The green colored stakes and guy lines seem to disappear in the grass.

The space inside is definitely adequate and roomy. It’s a very cleaver design that’s a bit like two tents in one. The outer fly can stand alone and be separated from the actual tent that’s attached inside. The tent itself has a bathtub style floor and mesh netting with zipper access out each side. They even added a small patch of fabric outside the door to put your wet shoes on, brilliant!

A look at the sleeping area.

So other than being a bit on the large side and somewhat of a pain to set up, the design is pretty sweet, however after seeing this one in person and really getting a feel of it, I don’t think it will stand the test of time for us. So the search for our own Taj Mahal continues….

I hope this helps some of you when doing your own research. Good luck and happy camping!!

My camping companions.


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